What does the dog know?

You’ve seen this happen before…

Saturday afternoon, after the braai: the kids are throwing a ball for the dog. The dog is hugely excited; at last someone is paying attention to me. Splash, the ball lands in the pool and due to the rule of ‘Sod’s Law’ (Sod’s Law holds that Murphy was an optimist), it drifts into the middle of the pool. Phideau (French for Fido, he is after all a Northern Suburbs dog) is beside himself; the ball’s in the pool! Yelp, Yelp, Help, Help, my ball’s in the pool! Help! Help! My ball’s in the pool! Do something, quick; my ball’s in the pool! Yelp, Yelp…

Everybody else is falling on the ground laughing. Poor Phideau! OK if nobody will help me, I’ll help myself… a step up in the evolutionary path for all ‘dog-kind’: taking responsibility for himself and his own results, incidentally bypassing many ‘man-kinds’ on the way.

So he dashes to the side closest to the pool, dips his paw in and begins to paddle frantically, still yelping advice and reassurances to his ball. I’ll save you, I’ll save you…

Keeping the momentum going, paddling frantically, the laws of physics begin to manifest themselves. A current is created, a flow that slowly, gradually sets up a stream that brings the ball inexorably to the side, allowing Phideau to grab the ball and waggle triumphantly back to renew the game.

If he gets tired and swops paws, the flow stops and Phideau has to work twice as hard to get the flow going again. If he gets distracted, loses focus, slows down or stops altogether, the flow also slows down or stops altogether, so our hero keeps on paddling, keeps the momentum going and ultimately achieves his desired result; his ball back safe in his eager, drooling mouth, so that he can resume his game.

So what does the dog know that we don’t know?

He knows, or Mother-Nature or instinct guides him to pick his spot, get the momentum going and do whatever he has to do to keep it going, until he wins.

You see, for the most part, we Humans are far too smart for our own good: we see something we want and decide to go after it. Then we get bored; this is taking too long, this isn’t fun anymore, hey, let’s do it this way, or that way, or back the way we were… and we lose momentum, slow down or stop. Then we begin to doubt; what if this doesn’t work, what if I’m doing it wrong, what if people laugh at me… and we lose momentum, slow down or stop. Then we get distracted; by the wife’s opinion, by the boss’s opinion, by our broke brother-in-law’s opinion, by our quick-fix friend’s opinion… and we lose momentum, slow down or stop. Then we buy into our conditioning;  what if my father / mother/ brother/ teacher/ rugby coach/ pastor  was right, what if I really am not good enough, what if I’m not supposed to have this, what if I don’t deserve this… and we lose momentum, slow down or stop!

Well, what if we believed in our self, just kept going, kept our momentum, made steady progress… and won?

What then? The exercise program that allowed us to look buffed, feel energized, focused and on-purpose; the eating plan that allowed us to eat healthy, loses weight, feel good about ourselves, and have massive self-confidence; the ‘big hairy goal’ that allowed us to achieve and feel like a million bucks; the job search that allowed us to find our passion and earn our money being who we are and get paid obscene amounts of money; the business venture that paid off after all our hard work and allowed us the freedom to live our lives on our terms…

Whatever it is: You can do it! You deserve it, just make the decision to keep your momentum going and… WIN!

Are you worth it?

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